Tumshangilieni - Friends of Shangilia, Lund Sweden

Tumshangilieni mtoto!
Let's rejoice for the child

The orphanage was founded in 1994 by actress Anne Wanjugu who participated with the children in a film about street children called "Cry Child of Africa!"

Anne decided to create a home, theater and school where it would be possible for the children to strengthen their talents. The first home was located on a dark and narrow courtyard in the Kangemi slum. But in 2014 they were able to move to a newly built home with lots of outdoor space where they could grow vegetables, have animals and where the children could play and breathe fresh air. Shangilia is now responsible for 250 orphans as well as 66 day-school pupils from the neighboring village. In addition to academic studies the children may study song, dance, music, drama, acrobatics and taekwondo.

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Membership or donation

If you wish to support the Shangilia children you may become a member for 200 sek per year

You can also donate a gift of your own choice.

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Anne Carlsvi, Bert Sjöholm, Siv Heurlin, Inger Berger, Elias Gustafsson Thörn, Karin Jansson, Elaine Bosak, Eileen Deaner, Jean Hudson, Lena Sidlöf Lundahl, Almut Peters, Lill Siroiney, Anna Lindsten Janson, Ingela Lindqvist, Charlene Shelton, Kajsa Nervall, Thomas Tselios, Ulrika Jacobsson, Ulla Sæther, Malin N White, Ewan Bush, Claudette Chapeau, Emelie Carlsson Gras, The Andetag Group, Aniara Perzon.

  • We cooperate with:

  • Gösta Petersén, Midnattskören (Midnight's Choir)
  • Soup Evenings
  • Bananrepubliken (neighborhood summer festival)
  • Sponsors:

  • Husera (Real Estate Agency)
  • ICA Tornet (local grocery store)
  • Glas o Båge, optician
  • Fastighetsmäklare Erik Olsson (Real Estate Agency)
  • Necessities by Red
  • Webstudio-Aniara