Tumshangilieni - Friends of Shangilia, Lund Sweden

History, Friends of Shangilia

The Swedish Friends of Shangilia Association was started in 2000 by Anne Carlsvi who came across the orphanage during a visit to Kenya.

The group in Lund, Sweden consists of a network of friends and neighbors that has grown in size to 16 active members and 45 paid members. To that can be added all the artists who have volunteered to perform at the cafés and other arrangements. The name “Shangilia” is well imbedded in the Lund Association and in our activities, so for the sake of simplicity, we continue to use the previous name of the orphanage for now.


The first letter from Anne to the Friends of Shangilia in Sweden

Lund, Sweden
November 2000

Dear Friends,

Let me tell you about something that happened to me this year

In June, I travelled to Kenya for the first time to visit a friend who had worked with various projects in East Africa for 25 years.

When I had been there a week she asked me what I wanted to see more than wildlife and nature. I replied that I wanted to “do” something . . . what I didn’t know, but something with children. For many years, I had thought about sponsoring a child or contributing in some other way but nothing had come of it. Like many others, I was irritated by the fact that so much of charitable contributions disappeared in administration costs . . . but still . . . I think many others recognize the feeling. In 2000, though, I had decided to do something about it.

And so the following day Virginia took me along to Shangilia, a home/school/theater for 158 street children in one of Nairobi’s poorest neighborhoods. There I met the home’s founder and “Mamma”, the Kenyan actress, Anne Wanguru. After telling me about the home and the children, she asked if I wanted to see them perform. I answered in the affirmative and a half hour later, 45 children sang “Everyone is beautiful in their own way . . .”. This was followed by the dancers and the acrobats. Ten boys formed a standing pyramid where the youngest one at the top loudly called out the rights of children: “I am a child. I have the right to a home. I have the right to food. I have the right to an education. I have the right to not be entered. . .” At the conclusion of the little program, a boy looked at me and said, “We have met before. I am the child who approached your car one rainy evening and you quickly rolled up your window and ignored me. Today we meet again, here, metamorphosis. I knew we would meet again because between you and me there is a link, a mental link . . . God our father.” And so it is, religious or not, makes no difference. There is a link you cannot ignore, not after a child looks you in the eye and says these words.

What I hope to convey with these words is the feeling I had . . . that these poor children who had been abandoned on the streets of Nairobi possess a strength and pride that I will never forget. They have achieved this through the theater that gives them a voice and an identity, that gives them a chance to convey their message and to contribute to their own livelihood.
That is Shangilia!

And now, here in Lund, in 2000, we are establishing the Friends of Shangilia Association.
I hope you will join us!

Anne Carlsvi



Friends of Shangilia

  • Chairperson:

    Anne Carlsvi
  • Vice Chairperson:

    Siv Heurlin
  • Treasurer:

    Bert Sjögren
  • Board members:

    Inger Berger, Lena Sidlöf Lundahl
  • Deputy board members:

    Elaine Bosak, Eileen Deaner
  • Accountants:

    Karin Jansson, Almut Peters (suppl.)
  • Webmaster:

    Aniara Perzon



Anne Carlsvi, Bert Sjöholm, Siv Heurlin, Inger Berger, Elias Gustafsson Thörn, Karin Jansson, Elaine Bosak, Eileen Deaner, Jean Hudson, Lena Sidlöf Lundahl, Almut Peters, Lill Siroiney, Anna Lindsten Janson, Ingela Lindqvist, Charlene Shelton, Kajsa Nervall, Thomas Tselios, Ulrika Jacobsson, Ulla Sæther, Malin N White, Ewan Bush, Claudette Chapeau, Emelie Carlsson Gras, The Andetag Group, Aniara Perzon.

  • We cooperate with:

  • Gösta Petersén, Midnattskören (Midnight's Choir)
  • Soup Evenings
  • Bananrepubliken (neighborhood summer festival)
  • Sponsors:

  • Husera (Real Estate Agency)
  • ICA Tornet (local grocery store)
  • Glas o Båge, optician
  • Fastighetsmäklare Erik Olsson (Real Estate Agency)
  • Necessities by Red
  • Webstudio-Aniara




Anne Carlsvi, Chairperson

Aniara Perzon, Webmaster


Membership and gifts

If you would like to support the Shangilia children, you can become a member for 200 SKR a year. You can, of course, cancel your membership at any time. You can also make a gift contribution of your choice.

Plusgiro: 4400089-1, Write "Friends of Shangilia" on the bankgiro form.

Suggestion: An easy way to donate on a regular basis is by setting up an automatic transfer from your bank account.


What we do

Here is a list of some of the many activities the Friends of Shangilia in Lund organize on their own or in cooperation with others.

  • Christmas market
  • Cabarets
  • Apple pressing in the autumn
  • Local art exhibits
  • Flea markets
  • Sunday afternoon cafés
  • Walpurgis Torchlight Parade, April 31 (May 1 eve)
  • Music, pub nights and dance


Hanna's Memorial Fund

Hanna Bengtsson was a very active and deeply involved member in the Association’s activities and it board.

At the last annual meeting Hanna attended, she spoke warmly of the proposal to set up a fund dedicated to encouraging self-help for individuals or groups through micro-loans or similar forms of support.

As a result, the Lund Friends of Shangilia Association established such a fund in Hanna’s memory after she passed away on December 26, 2009. The Fund will provide loans to young adults when they leave the orphanage and want to start up something of their own, and also to other neighborhoods of Kibagare that are in need.

In memory of Hanna, her friends donated 22,000 SEK at the time of her funeral.

Friends of Shangilia’s plusgiro account, pg 44000 89-1, Swish: 1236349831. Write "Hanna Bengtsson Fund" on the form.


Margareta’s Memorial Fund

In 2005, Margareta’s Memorial Fund was established dedicated to the memory of Margareta Anderson. She was a high school teacher and Lund Shangilia board member who was very much involved in the Association. The Memorial Fund is for the education of girls

You can contribute to the higher education of young women through the fund by depositing your donation in the Swedish plusgiro account, pg 44000 89-1, Swish: 1236349831 and writing “Margareta Anderson’s Memorial Fund” on the form.

Margareta Anderson, photo: Anne Carlsvi